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Such a list, the shadchan says, does nothing more than provide opportunities for derogatory descriptions and for certain peoples amusement. The person who compiled it may have had her heart in the right place, but there are ways to do.

JWed - Jewish Dating for Marriage

The list, released by a girl in the parsha of shidduchim, contains over 150 names of bochurim over the age of 25 and are in need of shidduchim. The list began making the rounds, whena tumult erupted after it was.

Frumster dating

Rabbonim and roshei yeshiva have been informed of the list and are working on addressing the possible damage that could result from it. A local shadchan told m that lists of boys or girls in need of shidduchim is not.

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Update: Exclusive Shidduch List with Over 150 Names of

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Frumster dating

The list contains contact info including a phone number and email address for the person who compiled it, as well as contact info for each of the boys listed. Phone numbers for a number of shadchanim are also included.

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